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Codemoji is a Mozilla Foundation project ideated and developed by TODO in support of the Encrypt campaign launched in early 2016

The Codemoji project source files are openly available under Mozilla Public License v2 on GitHub

A special thanks to Twitter for their twemoji library, which provided us with the widest set of cross-platform emojis we could use in building this project

The following open-source libraries were also used in developing the website:
bowser, clipboard, cookie, esrever, fastclick, fromcodepoint, gsap, jquery, jquery.transit , lodash, nanoscroller, normalize-css, punycode, rebound-js, stateman, theater, twemoji, youarei.

Codemoji teaches you about ciphers.
Create and share messages with
your friends using fun emoji.

Looking for , the coding platform?
Visit them at

Someone sent you this scrambled message: Mozilla sent you this scrambled message:

Learn more about encryption
Early ciphers shiftedletters of the alphabetby set amounts.E.g. H would become T.
Codemoji shiftsletters too,and replaces themwith emoji!
Write the messageyou want to turninto emoji.
Pick an emoji and Codemojiwill use it in a unique formulato scramble your message.
Codemoji is a fun wayfor you and your friendsto learn about ciphers.You shouldn’t use it forsecure communications,though. Thankfully, modernencryption tools areway stronger than emojis ;)Ready to create and shareyour own Codemoji message?


Got it

Create a message for your friends and let Codemoji scramble it.

Each emoji scrambles messages differently. Remember to give your friends a hint about the emoji you use.

Share your emoji message so your friends can learn more about ciphers too.

You've picked a key. Write your message to see it in cipher.

This looks like a bunch of emojis, but actually is a message just for you!

Each emoji scrambles messages differently. Ask your friend for a hint to find the right one.

If you picked the right emoji you’ll see your message. See gibberish? Ask your friend for a hint or keep guessing!

Doesn’t look like the right emoji. Check Mozilla's newsletter for a hint or try again!

Doesn’t look like the right emoji. Ask the sender for a hint or try again!

Learn more about how modern Encryption works
Emoji to unscramble your message

Not found!

The message you requested was not found or has expired

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